Farmers Awards

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The Awards

The Farmers Weekly Awards recognise and reward farmers for innovation, commitment to the industry and hard work.

The Awards showcase the best farmers in the country by telling their stories. They aim to spread best practice, inspire others and influence the public about the role that farmers play in today’s society.

The categories now include Ag Student of the Year,  Mixed Farmer of the Year and Specialist Crop Producer of the Year.

You can enter the awards now and you can nominate a deserving farmer  for the 2016 Awards.

2015 Farmers of the Year Awards Night dinner 2015

The Categories

There are 15 categories that you can enter plus a Farming Champion Award, selected by the NFU and Farmers Weekly and you can nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

From the 15 categories, an overall Farmer of the Year is also selected by the judges.

For the 2016 Awards there are three new categories Ag Student of the Year, Mixed Farmer of the Year and Specialist Crop Producer of the Year.

The Award categories 2016:

Ag Student of the Year

This is open to anyone studying an agricultural related degree, NVQ or BTEC course in a British university or college. Entries can come direct from individuals, but also from colleges and universities nominating students. The judges will be looking for individuals who demonstrate qualities that mark them out as future farm managers and leaders.

Arable Farmer of the Year

The winning arable business is likely to be flexible, collaborative and innovative to increase productivity and profits, despite unpredictable weather, regulation and market volatility. This will be someone who is harnessing and protecting the land’s natural resources to create a sustainable and consumer-focused business.

Beef Farmer of the Year

Are you a successful beef farmer with a vision for the future? If so then join the growing band of Farmers Weekly Award winners championing the British farming industry. The winner of this category will be producing high quality cattle to meet the ever-increasing consumer and environmental demands.

Contractor of the Year

The Winning Contractor will be someone who is regarded as an essential part of their farming customers’ business. They will be market-focussed providing a reliable, efficient, punctual – and above all, cost effective service. Join the growing band of Farmers Weekly Award winners –men and women championing best practice and flying the flag for the British farming industry.

Dairy Farmer of the Year

Innovative technical skills, cost management, seeking value where possible, and marketing are at the heart of the hard pressed dairy sector – and the winner will exemplify all these skills to deliver a profitable and sustainable farming business.

Diversification Farmer of the Year

This category is seeking entries from those who are adding value to the core farm business with either non-food (such as caravan parks, turf and wildlflowers etc) or food businesses (such as farmshops, cheese-making and food box schemes etc).

Farm Adviser Of the Year

Are you a dynamic, successful adviser providing your farming clients with invaluable advice? This category is open to any farming adviser – from business consultant to arable adviser, livestock specialist or vet. You will be carving out a profitable future for your clients and your expertise could be in all fields affecting farmers including business, marketing, new technologies, product recommendations, Government policy and legal issues.

Farm Manager of the Year

The winning farm manager will be running a successful livestock, arable or mixed farming business. This will be someone who, as principal decision-maker, can demonstrate a significant impact on the business – for example through efficiency improvements, restructuring, collaboration or adding value. The judges will be looking for evidence of strong business acumen, excellent staff management and outstanding leadership.

Farmworker of the Year

The winner of this award could be a tractor driver, herdsman, milker, shepherd, game keeper, sprayer operator, farm fitter, farm secretary or simply an all-round general worker supporting the farm. This could be a man, or woman, who is full or part time on the farm. You might have been on the farm for 3, or 30 years! The judges will be looking for evidence of your overall contribution to the business, including skills and experience as well as your influence with other staff. Farm workers can enter themselves, or be entered by the farm employer or farm manager.

Mixed Farmer of the Year

This category is for farmers and farming businesses who are running a mixed range of complementary enterprises such as beef, arable and sheep or dairy and arable. These businesses will demonstrating how each business unit not only helps to spread risk, but also exploits synergies and best use of resources to create truly sustainable farming businesses.

Pig Farmer of the Year

Recognising the innovation and commitment of pig producers is more important than ever in the current financial climate. The winner of this Award will be a pig producer who can demonstrate real change in the business in recent years. The judges will be looking for imaginative approaches to developing the enterprise in terms of production standards, profitability and sustainability.

Poultry Farmer of the Year

Are you a successful egg, turkey, goose, duck or chicken meat producer demonstrating excellence in production, marketing and welfare? Then you could join the growing band of finalists and winners – men and women championing best practice and flying the flag for the British farming industry.

Sheep Farmer of the Year

Are you a successful sheep producer demonstrating excellence in production and management. The winning sheep farmer will need to demonstrate their achievements in the past few years to deliver a business that is profitable and sustainable.

Specialist Crop Producer of the Year

This category is open to all growers of non-combinable crop such as field scale vegetables, flowers, fruit and soft fruit or even herbs and grapes for wine production. The judges will be looking for achievements and successes in productivity and profitability, a strong focus on customer needs as well as innovations that are driving greater efficiency and quality.

Young Farmer of the Year

Are you 30 years or under and making a success of managing a distinct area of the family farming business – or even running your own business? If so then you could join the growing band of men and women championing best practice and flying the flag for British farming. You must be 30 years or under at the closing date for entries to be eligible for the Young Farmer category.

Farming Champion

This is your opportunity to reward an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the farming industry over their career. Past winners include farmer and broadcaster, David Richardson, academic and author of the famous Farm Management Pocketbook, Prof John Nix and Lord Henry Plumb, elder statesman of British farming. You can nominate for this category by emailing our Events Manager at

From this group the judges select the Farmer of the Year

Farming Champion Award – selected by the NFU and Farmers Weekly

Five reasons to enter

  • Recognition for you, your family and your team
  • Opens doors to new industry contacts, clients and supplier deals
  • Valuable PR and marketing for your business
  • Greater business confidence and negotiating power
  • The chance to experience the best night out in farming for you and your partner

But don’t just take our word from it. Here’s what last year’s overall winner said:

Poul Hoveson, 2014 Arable Farmer & Farmer of the Year

“Winning the award was a tremendous honour not only for me but for the businesses with which I am associated.

It has opened up opportunities to access the advances being made in research and development within the industry.

The whole experience has been very rewarding for me personally.”



Nominations now open for 2016

You can nominate someone or enter a category yourself.


Entries open

Entry forms for 2016 available to apply by post or online.